April 26, 2013

Free Multiplication Worksheets

Yay! It's Friday and I've got another fun freebie for you! (Don't you just adore free stuff?)

I have fond memories of learning my multiplication facts in Ms. Howard's 4th grade class. Hmmmm, maybe not fond exactly, but I remember it nonetheless! We had to master each set of facts and for each set we accomplished, we got a sticker. And you know what you can turn stickers in for, right?!


I still get excited just thinking about that prize box filled with all those Oriental Trading goodies :) 

For all you lovelies out there who get the joy of teaching multiplication (and handing out stickers, of course), here are a few great freebies that you might just find helpful:

Do you have any multiplication freebies for share with us? Leave a description of your freebie in the comments along with a link.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for letting us know about the freebies. Here's one I found. It has songs that you can sing to learn your multiplication facts. Here's the link:



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