June 21, 2013

Free Cursive Worksheets

Yay! It's Friday and I've got another fun freebie for you! (Don't you just adore free stuff?)

...sorry folks, no funny little quip for you today. It's VBS season and, as the director, it's my job to stress out and over-schedule myself. I'd like to report that I am doing an excellent job on both of these tasks thankyouverymuch.

So let's cut right to the chase so I can go back to sorting hundreds of little Oriental Trading Jesus crafts. I've scoured our favorite freebie site, Teacher's Notebook, and discovered some fun cursive freebies for all you writing teachers. (God bless you. Teaching cursive is like watching rocks grow.)

As if that weren't fantastic enough, K-5 Learning also has a great webpage where you can choose to print worksheets based on:

Do you have any cursive freebies to share with us? Leave a description of your freebie in the comments along with a link.

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