July 30, 2013

Before & After: Teacher Toolbox

I love love LOVE seeing before and after pictures. And without an exception, every time I see one, I have this thought:

"Oh, I could SO do that too!"

Yeah...we all know how that turns out. But that won't stop me from enjoying some great classroom makeover pictures and sharing them with you!

Ashley from Mathastrophe took a desktop organizer (like this one) from simply functional to simply fan-tab-ulous! 



I love how this not only made it more appealing to eye, but also completely easier to use. Now it's a cinch to figure out which drawer an item is in!

Hop on over to Masthastrope to read more about this makeover.

Love these ideas? See more Before & After Makeovers!


  1. LOVE this!! How do I make the cute labels?

    1. Alison: The labels ARE pretty cute, aren't they?! If you click on Ashley's site above, she has kindly posted the PDF of the labels she created. One option might be to just print the words out on heavy duty, colorful card stock. A second idea would be to print them on labels and then stick them to card stock that you've cut out to fit each drawer. Hope this helps!


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