July 19, 2013

Free Back-to-School Resources

Yay! It's Friday and I've got another fun freebie for you! (Don't you just adore free stuff?)

Here's another cool treat in a week that's been filled with record breaking hot days! It's time to think long pants, comfy sweaters, and temps in the mid-to-low double digits....it's time to think BACK-TO-SCHOOL!

Now, is your are a typical teacher, you probably had one of two reactions to those three little words:

1) Omigosh-omigosh-OMIGOSH. Back-to-school??? Breathe. Deep breaths. I. Will. Not. Panic!


2) *Squeal!* I get to meet all my new precious little munchkins in a few weeks! Oooo- I can't wait to color code my coat racks with cute apple-themed name tags!

I was unequivocally, without-a-doubt always in the first camp. (Except, weirdly enough, for the color-coding coat rack thing. Yup, I love me some color-coordinating labels! ...You've just learned quirk number 2 about me. Remember Quirk #1?)

Regardless of which reaction you have to the school year starting, we could ALL use some lovely little freebies to help us start the year off on the right foot.

I headed on over to Teacher's Notebook and rounded up a few for you. Take a look:

Do you have any free back-to-school resources to share with us? Leave a description of your freebie in the comments along with a link.

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