October 22, 2013

Easy Reward: Teach students to draw

Here's another free and easy reward idea to use in your room!

Almost every child loves to draw, so why not use that as an incentive for good behavior? Tell your class that if they do ________, you will teach them how to draw one thing. Use one of the children's 'how to draw' books from the library and guide students through making a frog, dog, or funny face. Give them 3 minutes to practice their new drawing, then get back to the real learnin' of the day. 

Take it one step further and buy a small notebook for each child to keep in their desk. This can be their drawing book for the year and every time they earn a new 'drawing lesson,' they can add it to their book.  

Check out more easy (and free!) reward ideas here. Don't forget to check the comments...my fan-TAB-ulous readers have added a lot of pretty great ideas.

Have you every used an idea like this in your class? Share a fun and easy reward you've used!

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