November 20, 2013

Super Teacher Tip #7: U-Shaped Desks

Use a U-shaped desk arrangement in your room. It's so flexible! A few months ago, I introduced you to the idea of using a desk arrangement like this:

Here's a picture I found of another teacher who does this same arrangement:

I love this arrangment because it allows you to quickly create a circle, a large u-shape, small reading groups, etc. Most of the kids are facing forward or to the side, so it's easy for them to focus on the front of the class if that's where you are presenting the lesson at that moment.

Read more about why I loved this desk arrangement.

What's your favorite way to arrange your desks?

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What's a"Super Teacher?" Any teacher that's trying his or her very best to create effective teaching moments and provide a positive classroom environment.  We Super Teachers aren't perfect teachers by a long-shot, but we are always striving to become better teachers. Read more Super Teacher Tips here!

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