September 12, 2015

I'd like you to meet my friend, Bailey... {And a deal!}

I don't do the 'hard sell thing' very often- mostly because it makes me break out in a nervous sweat... BUT sometimes important causes call for stepping our of our comfort zone, right? So here goes nothing...

Bailey's Story

One of my son’s best friends is a silly, sweet little boy named Bailey. He loves to swim in the pool, dance to music …and play with trucks.

Bailey also has a special super power: he has autism. It gives him the ability to love unconditionally and find joy in life’s little things. Autism also presents a few challenges and we are so proud to see how hard Bailey works to overcome them.

He inspired his mama to start Bailey’s Buddies, a team for Autism Speaks that raises money to change the future for all who struggle with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

You can find out more about Bailey's Buddies and Autism Speaks here.

And I've got a steal of a deal for YOU!

In honor of Bailey, I’ve created a truck-themed SuperPack for the little super hero in your life.


100% of the proceeds from this packet will go toward his mom's Walk for Autism Speaks group.

This packet is ONLY $2.99. My other preschool packs are $5, but I figured I'd make this is a win-win for everyone: you get a deal and you also get to help change the future for all who struggle with Autism Spectrum Disorder!

It would be perfect for your kids, your classroom, or to pass along to a friend with kids. 

Can you help me spread the word?

Bailey's mom always says 'it takes a village to raise a son with Autism' and I was wondering if you could be small part of that village?

I would LOVE if you would share this post or these pictures with your friends. Just one click can make a big difference to those who live every day with Autism. Thanks a million!

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