February 19, 2013

Fun Adjective Activities for Spring

      Spring is right around the corner! Here are a few fun (and easy!) ways to incorporate some Springtime cheer into your adjective lessons. 

    1. Hanging Raindrops:
Cut out large raindrops from construction paper and use yarn or fishing line to hang them from the ceiling. Have each student write an adjective that is associated with a rainy day on one raindrop (wet, grey, damp, hazy).

    2. Match Me:
Have each student draw a picture of a springtime scene on a piece of paper.  On a separate piece of paper, have the students write a description of their picture, using adjectivesMix up the pages and have the class try to match the correct picture to the correct description. This can reinforce why it is so important to use specific and creative adjectives in our writing. Hang the pictures and descriptions together for a quick and easy classroom display.

    3. Minute to Win It:
Place a flower (or picture of one) on the board and split the class into teams. Give each team one minute to write as many adjectives about the flower as they can. The team with the most adjectives wins. (One variation: the teams must read their list out loud. If another team has that word, it must be crossed off of both team’s lists. The team with the most words not used by the other teams, wins.)

    4. Listen to My Story:
To start a lesson on the importance of adjectives, have each student get out a piece of paper. Say: “I am going to describe a flower to you and I want you to draw it with your crayons. The flower is beautiful and big.” Give students 2 minutes to draw their flowers. Have each student hold up their picture and talk about why the pictures all look different. Emphasize that if you’d said, “The flower is red with a yellow center and had 5 long petals,” the pictures might have looked more similar to each other.

   5.  A Garden of Adjectives:
Using a flower template or pieces of construction paper, create a flower head with a large round center and five big petals. On the center, write a noun (for example: ‘flower’). On each petal, write one adjective that describes the noun (example: ‘red, tall, pretty, delicate, soft, etc.).

6. Pin the Flower on the Student:
This activity teaches the 3 questions that an adjective answers (What kind is it? How many are there? Which one is it?). Write each question on a separate 3x5 card. Cut out flower shapes from small pieces of paper- about the size of a post-it note. Write one adjective on each piece that might describe a flower (example: three, red, that). Pass out one flower to each student, along with a piece of tape. Call three students up to stand in front of the class and tape one question card on each forehead. Have students come up and tape their adjective to the person who has the correct question on their head.

What are some ways you've made your adjectives lessons fun and creative?

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