April 27, 2013

Owl Classroom Theme

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Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

Planning an owl theme? Let us help! Here are some great ideas and resources for your classroom.

Fun Ideas

1. Have students adopt a pet owl for the year. They can cut out and decorate their own owl (similar to the ones in the picture above), name their owl, and do things throughout the year to take care of pet. Hang the owls around the room and offer incentives for students to collect items for their pet. For example: if a student reads 10 books, he/she can earn a paper branch for their owl to sit on; if they have perfect attendance for the month, they can earn a paper 'toy' for their owl.

2. Have an O.W.L. Club (Outstanding and Wise Learners) that students can earn their way into through academic goals. (ie- reading x number of books, 100% on their spelling test, learning all their multiplication facts by a certain date.) Members of this club can have special privileges like picking the first seat on the field trip bus or coming to circle time first. See this list of easy, inexpensive reward ideas. 

3. Tie owls into the entire year. If you are studying habitats, make sure to study where an owl lives. If you study adjective, use them to describe an owl. If you are practicing addition, add up how many owls there are. 

Classroom Labels
  • Reading / Circle Time Area: The nest
  • Teacher's Desk: Mr./Mrs. __________, Head O.W.L (Old, but Wise Leader)
  • Sink: Owl Ocean
Gadgets and Goodies

(Use for open house!)

Bulletin Board Ideas

1. Welcome to Class:

     "WHOOOO's in my class this year?"

     "We're going to have a HOOT this year!"

2. Display Student Work: Cut out owls or use these and place them on your board. On each owl, write a student's name. Use pushpins to display a good piece of work by each student. (Bonus: Use these owl pins!) Title: "Look WHOOOOS doing a great job!"

3. Job Chart: Write jobs on cut-outs of branches. Display them on the job chart board. Write each student's name on a cut-out owl and stick a velcro dot to the back (the 'soft dots'). Stick another dot on the branch (the 'rough dots').  Stick the name of the student to the job they have been assigned so that the owls are sitting on the branches.

Bulletin Board Sets & Borders       

Want some more great ideas? Visit my Classroom Theme Pinterest board, read more of our great tips on classroom organization and subscribe to my feed so you don't miss any future tips!

Do you have a great owl-themed idea? Please be ever-so-kind and share it with us in the comments!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I LOVE the idea of an O.W.L Club! I could make pins for those kids who are in it...we could have O.W.L. special events....I need to go write this stuff down now :)

  2. I love all your ideas! I especially love the OWL Club! I'm so excited to do this next month when school starts. Thank you!!

  3. I call my students my O.W.L.s (Outstanding Wonderful Learners). They like it.


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