February 11, 2013

Pinterest: Great Classroom Seating Arrangement

It's your lucky day, because you get to benefit from my obsession love for all things Pinterest! During the Pinterest Inspired Classroom series, I will be sharing some of my favorite pins with you in the hope that it will make your classroom just a bit more Pintastic. (Get it? PIN-tastic? PIN-terest? Just a little pin-humor, for ya there. Heehee.)

And now for today's featured pin:

A cutie patootie teacher over at Dandelions & Dragonflies came up with a great solution to get ride of the clutter in each student's desk: she gave each group their own bookshelf! Each group can keep their textbooks, student binders, and group (read: community) crayons, pencils, etc. 

If I used this idea, I would probably assign a 'group leader' who was in charge of getting and passing out the supplies each time they were needed. This would help keep transitions smooth.

Visit Dandelions & Dragonflies to see loads of other ways she organized her classroom. 

Love this idea? I have a ton more on my Pinterest board. I'd love it if you'd follow me!

Now it's your turn to share: What's your best seating arrangement tip?

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