February 23, 2013

Safari Classroom Theme

Planning a Safari Theme? Let us help! Here are some great ideas and resources for your classroom.

Fun Ideas

1. Give every student a paper plate and have them create a lion or monkey mask.

2. Give every student a passport and stamp it when they have a day filled with good behavior. A certain number of stamps equals a reward of your choosing. (Could call this "Passport to Success" or "Passport of Good Behavior.")

3. Have students create 'Survival Kits' out of large Ziploc baggies. These kits can include items that can go on field trips, early-finisher items for those who get done early and need a quiet activity to do, or journal writing materials.

Classroom Labels

  • Reading / Circle Time Area: The Lion's Club (Where we're just 'lion around')
  • Chalkboard: The Great Plain
  • Teacher's Desk: Safari Guide's Office
  • Sink: The Watering Hole
Gadgets and Goodies

  Printer Paper
 Paper Lanterns
    Inflatable Jungle Animals
   Animal Print Tins
 Wall Decals
 Lace & Learn Animals

Bulletin Board Ideas

1. Welcome to Class: Create a Safari landscape with cut-outs of animals. On each animal, write the name of a student in your class. Title: "Look Who's Going on a Safari in Mrs. __________'s class!" or "I'm Wild About My Class!"

2. Display Student Work: hang a green piece of yarn across the wall or board. Attach leaf cut-outs yarn to make it look like a vine. Glue a cut-out of a monkey to the front of a set of clothespins and write one student's name on each monkey. Clip the monkeys to the yarn to make them look like they are swinging on the vine. Students can clip their work to their clothespin.

3. Job Chart: Create pockets using library card pockets, envelopes, or just paper folded in half. Glue fringed, green paper to the front to resemble grass and write the job assignment on the front of the grass. Write each student's name on a cut-out of a jungle animal. Place the name in the correct job so that the animals are peeking out over the grass.

Bulletin Board Sets & Borders

Extras & a Giveaway!

My lovely & oh-so talented sister has created some fantastic safari-theme items and has them listed in both her TeacherPayTeacher's Store and her Teacher's Notebook Store. You can check them out here:


And it's your lucky day! Lil' Sis has kindly offered to host a giveaway of one of her items! Click on the blue box below to enter:  (UPDATE: giveaway over)
Want some more great ideas? Visit my Jungle-Safari Theme Pinterest board.

Do you have a great Safari-Themed idea? Please be ever-so-kind and share it with us in the comments!

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