February 21, 2013

Year-Round Bulletin Board Ideas (Part 2)

Yesterday, I asked you what year-round bulletin boards worked for you.

Today, I'd like to share a few ideas that have worked for me!

1. Create a board with a large tree in the middle of it (just with branches, not any leaves). For every season, students can add the correct color leaves, snow flakes, flowers, clouds, etc. Have students write something on each leaf, such as a mini book report, a kind deed they witnessed or one fact they learned that week. See this example from Education in Turkey:

2. Do you teach a geographic location in your history program (US History, World History, European History, your state...)? Create a board that shows a plain map of that location and add pictures and labels that match whatever unit you are currently working on. When I taught US History, I had a board that was just a plain brown map of the U.S.A. When we talked about the thirteen colonies, I layered a red outline of the colonies on the map and used yarn and pictures to pinpoint where certain events happened. For World History, I would make yarn paths and chart with little cut-out ships where the different explorers traveled. Jan from Bulletin Boards to Remember shows us her version of this idea:

3. Common Core Standards Board. Create a different section for each main subject. Under the heading, display student work that demonstrates that standards. Steller Students did something similar here:

4. Create a clothesline on the board and attach one student's name to each clothes pin. Allow students to hang their best work under their name throughout the year. Not only does this give them a chance to show off their work, but it creates a hassle-free way to display a snapshot of some of the things you've done that year.

Another shortcut: Use fabric for the background. Unlike paper, it can stay up all year and doesn't show holes where you've used staples or push pins. I used the same backdrop for 5 years and in multiple classrooms. Following the same idea, buy wide ribbon from the store for a few dollars for a cheaper and longer-lasting alternative to card stock boarders.

See all of these bulletin board ideas and more on my Bulletin Boards Pinterest page.

Did this spark your imagination? Do you have any bulletin board ideas you'd like to share? Please leave them in the comments for us all to enjoy :)

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