March 13, 2013

Before and After: Colorful Redo

I love love LOVE seeing before and after pictures. And without an exception, every time I see one, I have this thought:
"Oh, I could SO do that too!"
Yeah...we all know how that turns out. But that won't stop me from enjoying some great classroom makeover pictures and sharing them with you!

Starburcks, Standards, and Sharpies brought fresh color to her drab classroom. I love how she thought out of the box: she placed the curtains lower where you can actually see them, she created bulletin boards where there weren't any...just 'cuz, and she use a zillion bin to get super organized. I l.o.v.e. bins! Here's some similar ones here and here on Amazon if you a bin-fanatic like me ;)

And on a side note: those bins would seem to be the answer to this puzzling problem I have with my countertops. They just ALWAYS seem to have piles on them. Hmm, now how do you think that happens?..... ;)


Hop on over HERE to see more about this makeover.

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