March 23, 2013

Ladybug Classroom Theme

Planning a Ladybug Theme? Let us help! Here are some great ideas and resources for your classroom.

Fun Ideas

1. Have each student make a ladybug out of a paper plate. Have them replace the black head with a picture of their own head that they drew. Use this to make a beginning of the year / open house display of who is in your class.

2. Use bug catchers (mason jars with lady bugs glued to the outside or bug catcher containers you buy in the toy department) to hold craft supplies, name cards, hall passes, pencils, markers, etc.

3. Use green, red, and black colors to tie your room together.

Classroom Labels
  • Reading / Circle Time Area: The Ladybug Patch
  • Chalkboard: Ladybug Board
  • Teacher's Desk: Mrs. ______, Ladybug President
  • Sink: Ladybug Bay
Gadgets and Goodies

Bulletin Board Ideas

1. Welcome to Class: Create a large jar on bulletin board paper and place ladybug pictures inside with the name of a student on each one. Title: "Look Who We Caught!"
Create a huge ladybug with large, black spots. On each spot, write a name of one new student. "Look Who We Spotted this year!"

2. Display Student Work: Cut out large black spots and place them on a background of red. On each spot, write a student's name at the top with a silver sharpie. Use pushpins to display a good piece of work by each student. (Woohoo- check out these ladybug pushpins I found!) Title: Spot-lighting Some Great Work!

3. Job Chart: Write job assignments on leaf-shaped pieces of paper. Display them on the job chart board. Write each student's name on a cut-out of a ladybug and glue it to a clothes pin. Clip the pin to the job that each student has been assigned to do.

Bulletin Board Sets & Borders       

Want some more great ideas? Visit my Ladybug Theme Pinterest board.

Do you have a great Ladybug-Themed idea? Please be ever-so-kind and share it with us in the comments!

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