March 27, 2013

Morning Classroom Routine

Last week, we talked about creating a smooth dismissal routine. This week, we are moving the discussion to the morning!

Starting your day in a calm, positive way is a HUGE part of what makes your whole day a success. Having a plan for when your students arrive can go a long way to achieving this goal.
One thing that always worked for me was to have 'steps' on the board that students knew they needed to follow. I laminated these steps and placed magnets on the back of them. Then, in the morning, I just grabbed the steps I needed for that day and arranged them in order on the board.

Some examples might include:

1) Empty book bag and hang it up.
2) Give me any notes you have.
3) Make your lunch choice.
4) Turn in this paper: (I would hang a manila envelope under this step with a magnet and have students turn in their papers here for field trips, homework, etc.)
5) Do this morning work at your desk: (I would write a journal prompt, math equation, free reading choice, or other option here.)

Like this tip? Check out my Classroom Management Tips resource on TeachersPayTeachers or Teachers Notebook for more ideas.

So what works for you? What are your tips for creating a calm morning routine?

1 comment:

  1. I play calming music as they arrive. It sets the tone for the day and helps keep me in a good mood too! I also have lamps around my room that I use instead of overhead lighting (most of the time). This seems to make the classroom feel more cozy and inviting.


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