March 18, 2013

Removing Permanent Marker: Reuse Classroom Supplies!

It's your lucky day, because you get to benefit from my obsession love for all things Pinterest! During the Pinterest Inspired Classroom series, I will be sharing some of my favorite pins with you in the hope that it will make your classroom just a bit more Pintastic. (Get it? PIN-tastic? PIN-terest? Just a little pin-humor, for ya there. Heehee.)

And now for today's featured pin:

Andrea and Amy over at Two Sisters Teach share this clever little tip with us:
Use permanent marker to label any plastic item or laminated paper. When you want to change the words,  just remove the permanent marker by scribbling over it with a dry erase marker and wiping off! 

I've used this trick for years as a way to reuse items in my room with each set of new students. Instead of a dry erase marker, I used nail polish remover to take the permanent marker off. 

I would also use clear packing tape (or desk tape) to 'laminate' a small spot on an item so that I could just write on it. This came in handy when I created a job chart poster out of library cards glue to card stock. I just placed a strip of tape across the front of each card and wrote the job title with a Sharpie. The jobs would often change throughout the year as I discovered a new one to add to the poster. All I needed to do was erase the marker and write the new job. 

These super-smart sisters have a lot more tips to share. Read about them HERE.

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