March 28, 2013

Spring Finger Play Song

Here's one of my products that would make a fun Spring activity in your Pre-K or Kindergarten Classroom. It's a Spring Finger Play:

Product Description
A fun, creative finger play that teaches about plants and spring!

------What is included in this packet?
- one finger play ("5 Little Flowers")
- motions for each part of the finger play
- teachers notes to help with implementation
- five cartoon pictures of flowers (to cut out and use to illustrate the Five Little Flowers)

------What is a finger play?
Finger plays are songs or rhymes that have hand motions that correlate with the words. They are usually spoken in a rhythm or cadence. Finger plays can be imaginative and silly or they can be used to teach a specific fact or skill. 

-------Some Facts/skills our finger play covers:
- Skills in EACH of our finger plays:
- Numbers
- Order/sequencing
- Hand/eye coordination
- Rhyming
- Listening skills
- Speaking skills
- Seasons
- Weather
- Parts of a plant (stem, roots, petals)
- Plants need sun/water to grow
- Plants start in the ground and grow up

------Ways to use finger plays:
- During whole group time (circle time) at desks or on the floor
- During small group time when you have a few students gathered at a table. 
- As ways to transition from one activity to another. Teach students that when they hear the teacher start to sing or chant a finger play, they should stop, look, and listen. You can even have students start saying and acting it out with you. This would require them to pay close attention to you and have their hands free of toys/supplies (which can make announcing your transition at the end of the finger play easier!)
- As a way to do daily routines. For example: if you have students pack up and line up at a certain time each day, have the whole class say the finger play while they do this (without motions of course!). Make it a game to see if everyone can be done before the finger play is over. 

To read a detailed list of activities included in this packet, you can visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store or my Teacher's Notebook store.

One Comment from a TeachersPayTeachers Customer:

Anita Dally: Nice activities to use with my kiddos.

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