April 3, 2013

Creative Writing Ideas: Grades 3-5

Getting students motivated to write can be a big challenge. Coming up with fun writing projects can help stimulate creativity and improve student writing techniques at the same time.

Here's a few things that worked for me:

1. Have students create a character at the beginning of the year. Have them use that character throughout the year in their writing. At the end of the year, combine all their writing projects and create a title for their book: "The Crazy Adventures of [Character's Name]." Each writing project will be a different chapter!

2. Descriptive Writing: Explain to students that the health inspector came to visit their classroom after a storm and that they classroom was declared CONDEMNED. Have students write a description of what their classroom looks like now that it's a mess and have them draw a picture to accompany it. Using caution tape on the front of your door, create a display with the descriptions titled "Our Classroom Was Condemned." 

3. Have students draw a picture of a monster and then write a description of it on a seperate sheet of paper. Hang the pictures on the board (without student names on them). Mix the descriptions up and read them out loud. Have students try to guess which monster the description belongs to. Explain the importance of using specific and clear adjectives when painting a word picture.

Like these ideas? Check out my Writing & Grammar Unit resource on TeachersPayTeachers or Teachers Notebook for more ideas.

So what works for you? What are some creative writing ideas you've used?

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