May 11, 2013

Monkey Classroom Theme

Planning a monkey theme? Let us help! Here are some great ideas and resources for your classroom.

Fun Ideas

1. Have a M-O-N-K-E-Y M-U-N-C-H Lunch: Give students a card with the letters spelling out 'Monkey Munch.' have them cross of a letter for each mis-behavior. If they still have the letters to MUNCH left by the end of the week, they can eat in the classroom during their regular lunch time. A teacher and I did something similar to this for Accelerated Reading points- we teamed up and switched off who stayed in the cafeteria and who stayed in the room. (This idea is similar to the Friday Recess behavior management program that worked like magic in my class.)

2. Open House Craft: Have students create a monkey face on the back of a plate and place their face on their desk over their name tag. When parents come to visit, see if they can guess which one is their little monkey.

3. Tie monkeys into the entire year. If you are studying habitats, make sure to study where a monkey lives. If you study adjective, use them to describe a monkey. If you are practicing addition, add up how many monkeys there are. 

Classroom Labels
  • Carpet / Circle Time Area: Monkey Meeting
  • Teacher's Desk: Mr./Mrs. __________, King of the Jungle
  • Sink: Banana Bay
  • Over the door: It's a Jungle In Here!
Gadgets and Goodies

(Use for open house!)

Bulletin Board Ideas

1. Welcome to Class:

     "It's a jungle in here!"

     "Look who's monkeying around this year!"

     "What a great bunch of kids!" (banana tree with a monkey)

2. Student of the Week (or Month): Create a board that is themed around the 'Monkey of the Month.' Place a monkey cut-out on the board, but leave a blank space over the face where you can place a picture of the student's face who is being displayed. Clutter Free Classroom has great idea for a Student of the Week board:

3. Job Chart: Write jobs on monkey cut-outs. Display them on the job chart board. Write each student's name on a cut-out banana and stick a velcro dot to the back (the 'soft dots'). Stick another dot on the monkey's hand (the 'rough dots').  Stick the name of the student to the job they have been assigned so that the monkeys are holding the bananas.

Bulletin Board Sets & Borders       

Want some more great ideas? Visit my Classroom Theme Pinterest board.

Do you have a great monkey-themed idea? Please be ever-so-kind and share it with us in the comments!

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