June 17, 2013

Favorite Things: Classroom Tips by Mailbox Magazine

Every once in a while, I highlight some of my favorite things to use in the classroom. This is one of those moments.

I am an A-Type personality when it comes to wanting e-VUH-ry-thing organized. That doesn't always mean everything around me is necessarily organized, but I want  it to be ;) 

I also love my systems. I have been know to research the best way to do just about anything online. I love having systems that work and provide a solution to day-to-day dilemmas. 

One book that got highlighted, ear-marked, circled, and just plain used was the Classroom Tips series from Mailbox Magazines.

Oh my peas! These books were written by organizational geniuses. At one point, I actually looked up where their offices were located...you know, just in case I ever became an organizational genius one day. And the magazine needed me. And they wanted to pay me a pile of money to impart my organization genius-ness upon them.

You know, if that ever happened.

(And yes, for all you other mothers of preschoolers...that was a SuperWhy reference. It's all I watch these days.)

Anyhoo... back to the book...

by The Mailbox

Click here for Grades 3-4, K-1, and Preschool.

Why I love this book:

This book has a TON (well, 500 if you want specific numbers) of ideas for how to better organize and manage your classroom. Each tip is accompanied by a simple illustration and explains how to implement it in a clear and concise way. Seriously you guys, this stuff is awesome.

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