June 12, 2013

Great Site: The Ruler Game

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Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

In the last twenty years, the internet has drastically changed the way we do daily life, from how we shop to how we stay informed and connected. As teachers, the web can be an incredible source of great ideas and helpful sites....but it can also be very time-consuming finding the sites that are the most helpful. During this series, I will be doing that research for you and highlighting some of the best websites out there for teachers.

Today's Featured Site:

The Ruler Game is a simple game you can have your kids play to reinforce measurement skills. A measurement flashes on the screen and students are timed as they try to click on the correct part of the ruler. Select the level of difficulty, from 1" to a sixteenth of an inch. (Um, apparently I need a little more work the sixteenths!)

The game looks like this (I apologize if it looks super big on your screen- I haven't figured out how to fix that quite yet!):

 Strikes:    Level:   Timer: 

Click on: 

Have you ever used this site before? Was it helpful or just a waste of time? We'd love to hear your feedback!

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