June 27, 2013

Using Music in the Classroom- Part 2

As someone who absolutely LOVES music, I just naturally brought it into the classroom with me. Through trial and error, I figured out a couple of fun ways that music could play a big role in making my classroom successful. I'll be sharing 8 of those ways over the next few weeks. Feel free to subscribe to my feed or follow by email (in the sidebar) so you don't miss any of them!

#2: Clean your room in 3 minutes.

If you've been following this blog for any length of time, you've probably picked up on the fact that I detest am not a fan of cleaning. I like clean areas, I just don't like the actual process of getting them to that clean state. My true calling in life is to be one of the characters on Downton Abbey who has a legion of maids to clean up after me. *sigh* If only.

Since I am sadly not in possession of a legion of housekeepers, I had to come up with a different strategy to keep my classroom clean. Once again, music was the answer. I developed what became know as the "Rockin' Robin" in our room and conquered those dust bunnies with the help of my students!

Read more about the "Rockin' Robin" idea here. 

Check out the rest of the series 8 ways to use music in your classroom :

#1: Start the day off in a calm way
#2: Clean your room in 3 minutes
#3: As a free and easy reward
#4: To lower your stress
#5: To keep the room quiet
#6: To teach a set of facts
#7: Create smooth transitions
#8: Grab students' attention without yelling

How do you use music in your classroom?

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