July 24, 2013

A Pocket Chart That Fits File Folders!

Every once in a while, I highlight some of my favorite things to use in the classroom. This is one of those moments. All opinions are my own and I have not received any compensation for highlighting this product.

I am having a "where-have-you-been-all-my-life" moment right now. I was gathering some items together for the month's Amazon Teacher post and ran smack dab into this pretty baby.

Being a teacher on a budget didn't allow me to frivolously spend what little the school (or many times myself) had provided for classroom supplies. Instead, I'd just find ways to recycle used containers or research a cheaper route.

BUT this item would have made me pry a few pretty little bills from my tightly squeezed fist:

Why I love this chart:
  • Unlike your typical pocket chart, this one is meant to fit folder-size objects. That opens up the possibilities for using this chart for writing work, turning in homework, parent notes, weekly papers, you name it. 
  • It has a space for student names. It's super easy to change names out from year to year (or as one child moves away and you get a new one in the middle of the year). 
  • If you have a small classroom without a lot of shelf space, this could be a great way to store composition books, folders, etc without using up valuable space.

Just a few ways I might use this chart:
  • The name tag slot would be a great way to tell who has finished their desk work. Just let the students know that when they are done, they can turn their name tag over on the chart. Write their name on one side with black marker and with orange marker on the other side. You will be able to tell at a glance who is still working and who is done.
  • Use the folders when you want to collect something in the morning. Before students arrive, place one folder on each desk. Write a note on the board instructing the each student to place the permission slip, homework assignment, picture form, etc. in the folder and to place the folder in their pocket. It will be easy to see whose form you're missing.
  • Use this to organize writing work. Have students keep their current writing project in their pocket. 
  • Keep this hanging near your desk. As students bring in notes from home or other important information that you want to keep handy, just slip it into the correct folder. It would be easy to grab this information on the way to a child study meeting or parent conference/phone call. 
  • Some teachers have 'early finisher' worksheets and activities for those students who are done before the rest of the class. Using these pockets would be a great way to place pages, magazines, or file folder games for these students to choose from.
  • For homeschool parents, this would be a great way to store assignment and materials for each of their children. Just assign a few pockets to each child- one for each subject

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How would you use this chart?

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