July 25, 2013

Class Handbook- great parent communication!

Getting parents on the same page at the beginning of the year is a big key to creating a smooth school year. One way I would try to do this is by sending home a "Survival Guide" for my class. Among other things, this guide would include:
  • Contact information (school phone number, my work email)
  • Our class website
  • Daily Schedule
  • Classroom goals and upcoming events
  • How their binder or notebook should be organized
  • Homework policies
  • Information about weekly folders
  • Discipline strategy (See the one I used here)
  • Specific information about each subject
  • A signature sheet for the parents to sign indicating that they'd read the packet.
Throughout the year, parents could reference the guide for answers to 'frequently asked questions' which alleviated the number of emails I had to respond to. It also helped in parent-teacher conferences because I could refer to policies I'd already laid out in the guide (which that parent had signed). "Actually, if you look here at page 5..."

If having a class handbook sounds like something your classroom could benefit from, check out out my Survival Guide & Assignment Sheet product. I've created an easy-to customize survival guide that you can use in your own room:

As a bonus, this product also includes an absent assignment sheet:

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