July 15, 2013

Put Your Spelling Words Online

In the last twenty years, the internet has drastically changed the way we do daily life, from how we shop to how we stay informed and connected. As teachers, the web can be an incredible source of great ideas and helpful sites....but it can also be very time-consuming finding the sites that are the most helpful. During this series, I will be doing that research for you and highlighting some of the best websites out there for teachers.

Today's Featured Site:

This is one of those 'Why didn't I think of this great idea and make a million bucks?!' moments for me.

Spelling City is a handy little site that allows you to enter your spelling lists online (for free, of course!). These lists can be accessed by your students at home and used to play all sorts of pre-made games and activities. They can also take practice tests at home!

You can use these activities on your SmartBoard (or whatever swanky new board you have) as a fun large group spelling lesson.

Here's the part that I think is the best:

No more parent notes saying they didn't know what the words were until Thursday night and-can-you-please-give-Johnny-until-Monday-to-take-the-test. You know the ones. All they have to do is get online and BOOM the words are there!

I swear- this site has the potential, people, to change your life ;)

Have you ever used this site before? Was it helpful or just a waste of time? We'd love to hear your feedback!

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