July 2, 2013

The Amazon Teacher: June

I am blessed to have many wonderful readers who support this site by using our Amazon link before they shop. Since a majority of them are in the teaching profession, I try to highlight a few of the fun classroom gadgets they purchased from Amazon each month. You never know- it might be just the thing you've been looking for in your room!

Owls were hot in June! Classrooms are getting cuter by the minute in someone's room- check out these great owl-themed items that were purchased this month:

This teacher's classroom library just got a little bigger with this exciting young adult series from Margaret Peterson Haddix called The Shadow Children. Recommended for ages 8 and up. I've actually read the first few books in this series and enjoyed them even as an adult. They are written a little 'young' for me, but I imagine that they would really capture the interest of a middle-schooler.

The Shadow Children Series:

I hadn't heard about these Hot Dot cards before, but they look like a fantastic tool to use. They have them for division, subtraction, addition and multiplication.
I would have died to have one of these in my room! Do you know how many tiny little things I could have corralled with these drawers?

Thanks to all of those who used YTA's Amazon link this month! I am humbled that you took the time to help me out and greatly appreciate each and every click!

Interested in using Amazon Associates to make money for your school or organization? Check out this post I wrote explaining how to do just that.

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