July 22, 2013

Use Bath Mats for Circle Time

It's your lucky day, because you get to benefit from my obsession love for all things Pinterest! During the Pinterest Inspired Classroom series, I will be sharing some of my favorite pins with you in the hope that it will make your classroom just a bit more Pintastic. (Get it? PIN-tastic? PIN-terest? Just a little pin-humor, for ya there. Heehee.)

And now for today's featured pin:

Kelli from First Year Teaching Tales shares how she used bath mats to make her classroom library bright and cozy....BUT I am thinking they could be an amazing classroom management tool! Just imagine using them in circle time: each student sits on their own mat and has their own personal space. Awesome!

Here's an example of this idea using circle mats instead:

(The link on the Pinterest pin no longer works, so I am not able to credit the original user. If anyone knows who the genius who came up with this was, please let me know.)

Such a great idea! Here are some things I love about this idea (beside the obvious use of corralling squirmy bodies):
  • You can make them color coordinate with your classroom decor. They could fit into any of our classroom themes
  • They can be moved! They can go anywhere in the room you want. They can be used to create a giant game board (with the students as human game pieces, of course!), a way to differentiate stations around the room, a portable reading 'corner' for kids (just allow them to take them under their desk for an instant reading fort!). 
  • They can move with you from room to room if you end up changing rooms or grades.
  • They could be used for small groups as well, like your reading group or math remediation group.

You could get this look for cheaper by using carpet remnants, laminated cardboard circles, pizza cardboard rounds, round pieces of felt, or placemats.

(Hmmm...I am thinking this idea could come in very useful when trying to contain the tornado that is my son when we sit on the floor to put a puzzle together.) 

Love this idea? I have a ton more on my Pinterest board. I'd love it if you'd follow me!

Have you ever used bath mats in your room?

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