August 22, 2013

Super Teacher Tip #1: Assign Job Inspectors

Assign a "Job Inspector" as one of your classroom jobs. That student is in charge of hole punching each classmate's punch-card when they've completed their assigned job. Students can turn their punch-cards in for prizes when they are full. Read this list of free and easy classroom rewards to get some ideas for prizes. Ramp up the cute-factor by using a special hole punch in fun shapes.

Check out my printable classroom punch-cards! (They are great for encouraging students to complete jobs, assignments, score well on tests, etc.)

Check out these free, customizable job cards from Stacy Moertl, too!

Here are some cute ideas for classroom job charts:

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What's a"Super Teacher?" Any teacher that's trying his or her very best to create effective teaching moments and provide a positive classroom environment.  We Super Teachers aren't perfect teachers by a long-shot, but we are always striving to become better teachers. Read more Super Teacher Tips here!

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