September 30, 2013

Before and After: Reading Corner

I love love LOVE seeing before and after pictures. And without an exception, every time I see one, I have this thought:

"Oh, I could SO do that too!"

Yeah...we all know how that turns out. But that won't stop me from enjoying some great classroom makeover pictures and sharing them with you!

Mrs. C from Classroom Simple was the lucky recipient of an 'intervention classroom makeover!' Her room was cluttered and disorganized and in SUPER need of a redo.



What's not to love about this amazing 'after' room? It has a color-scheme, good flow, and a TON of smart organizing ideas. But my favorite, my VERY favorite part of the room is this little corner:


First of all, the frugal-ista in me is loving the way they used recycled pallets to make the benches. The cushions are slip-covered for easy washing ('cuz you know how disgusting they will be four months from now!) and the vinyl wall decals are easily removable. Plus, that little lamp is a homey touch to this corner. While many of us probably couldn't install a hanging swing in our room, the rest of the corner is veddy doable. I bet her students can't wait to grab a book to read when they have such a comfy place to sit!

Hop on over to Mrs. C's site to read more about this makeover.

Do you have any fun ideas for creating a reading corner in your room?

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