September 26, 2013

Super Teacher Tip #5: Make 3x5 Calling Cards

Create a 'class names' deck of cards. You all remember my obsession with 3x5 cards? No? Well, read this post and let me refresh your memory.

One of my very favorite ways to use 3x5 cards was to make a class deck of cards. I'd write one name on each card and when it came time to call on kids to answer, I'd just shuffle and select a card.

When I wanted to create groups or partners, I'd deal the cards out in group and call out the names in each one.

When I wanted to choose one student to do a special task for me, I'd use the cards.

When a special guest visited for the day, I'd choose who got to sit next to him or her at lunch guessed it...the cards.

You get the picture right? My obsession doesn't seem so crazy now, right?

Check out these other great ideas for using 3x5 cards in your classroom.

How do you use 3x5 cards in your room?

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