September 18, 2013

Super Tip #4: Send Postcards

Send one encouraging postcard to each student throughout the year. We all know how much kids love getting mail, so why not spend just a few minutes and make their day a little brighter?

Buy a pack of postcards at the beginning of the year and some postcard stamps. Write each student's address on one, add a stamp, and keep them in a handy spot near your desk. I like these Dr. Seuss ones:

When you see a student do something positive or think they could use a special pick-me-up, take 30 seconds to jot them a quite note. On your way out the door that night, drop them in the outgoing mailbox.

I always tried to do this for each student during the first half of the year. I wanted to use it as a way to build a relationship with each child so that the remainder of the year would be a smooth one.

Bonus: Parents love seeing teachers put extra effort and attention into their child. Having a positive note sent to their child will help to create a good parent-teacher relationship as well!

How do you create a positive relationship with your students?

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