September 27, 2013

The Amazon Teacher: September 2013

I am blessed to have many wonderful readers who support this site by using our Amazon link before they shop. Since a majority of them are in the teaching profession, I try to highlight a few of the fun classroom gadgets they purchased from Amazon each month. You never know- it might be just the thing you've been looking for in your room!

Yay! One of my favorite things was an Amazon purchase this month! These simple little plastic 'credit cards' have a TON of fun uses in your classroom. I shared a few ways that I used them here.

Double Woot! Here's another one of my favorite things! It's not a secret how very much I l.o.v.e. floor tape. I am tickled pink that someone else is getting to experience the floor tape joy, thanks to Amazon, of course! Check out this post on a few of the awesome-sauce things you can do with it. (Ooo- and don't forget to scroll down to the comments. My smarty-pants readers have shared a bunch of great ways that they use it in their room too!)

Okay, this is starting to get a little creepy....because here is yet ANOTHER Amazon purchase that is on my  favorite things list. Hmmm.....I'm starting to think I should have added some things like 'Gift Card sent to Kaitlin's House' on that list. ;)

The Essential 55 by Ron Clark is a great book that, at the very least, will make you get that 'I could be a super teacher too' feeling back. This is the book that inspired me to start the R.A.K Club (Random Acts of Kindness Club) in my classroom. Read more about our R.A.K Club here.

Seriously, people! Another favorite thing? Well, at least I know my taste in classroom supplies is spot on. Now my fashion sense....well, that's another story. This favorite thing- dry erase wall decals- are now in some lucky teacher's room. Do you think he or she might use them with any of these ideas?

Thanks to all of those who used YTA's Amazon link this month! I am humbled that you took the time to help me out and greatly appreciate each and every click!

Interested in using Amazon Associates to make money for your school or organization? Check out this post I wrote explaining how to do just that.

Amazon is currently offering a free 30-day Prime Membership Trial. Try it out to get free, 2 day shipping on many of their items. I've had Prime for a few years now and L.O.V.E. makes the super cheap deals I find even sweeter!


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