October 29, 2013

Make An Adjustable Reading Level Folder

Rachelle shared this great tip on her blog, What the Teacher Wants. She uses strips of velcro and a laminated folder to create an adjustable reading groups chart: 

You could also use this idea for keeping track of DRA reading levels, Word Study groups, or just as a template for randomly assigning groups for any classroom activity. I would often split kids into groups for a 15 minute activity a few times a week. Here's how I might have used this folder (had I been lucky enough to have it!): put all the names in a cup, pull them out randomly and place them on a strip of velcro. Each strip is one group and it allows me to see who is in that temporary group, then pull all the names off when I am ready to create new ones the next day. 


This is just one idea that was pinned to the BEST Teaching Tips & Tools board on my Pinterest page. This is a awesome board full of TONS of creative ideas pinned by other teachers. Check it out:

Wanna join the board?

Do you sell your own teacher-created products? Have a teaching blog? Just love sharing interesting teaching pins with other teachers? Then this board is for you! It's easy- just follow these simple directions.


  1. I love this! Where did I get your abc letters for your groups? Desicoo25@yahoo.com

    1. They ARE cute, aren't they?! Unfortunately, I can't claim any ownership of this smart idea. You may have better luck asking Rachelle how she made these folders. Visit her blog at whattheteacherwants.blogspot.com or click the link in the post above. Best of luck!


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