October 1, 2013

Make a Flip Book

I stumbled across this easy-to-use idea while looking through the pins on my BEST Teaching Tips & Tools board. I can't seem to find the original source of the photo, so if you all have any idea who took and shared this picture, let me know so I can credit their genius! 

This flip book idea could be used for all sorts of topics across many subjects. Here are just a few ideas:
  • Math- a 'cheat sheet' for rules on how to do different math operations
  • Science- Pictures of different types of clouds, rocks, parts of matter, etc.
  • Language Arts- the different parts of a story (plot, characters, etc)....beginning, middle, end,
  • Social Studies- a flip book of famous Americans. Just put one on each page.
  • Foreign Language- a page is a category and students can draw a few pictures with the labels of the word.
You could paste these flip books into an interactive journal or display them on a bulletin board. 

Hmm...just thought of another idea: Write a question on each flap and write the answer under the flap. This would make a fun way for students to review for any test!

This could also work as a 'class yearbook' that you display on your door. Have each student make a page about themselves and write the name of that student on the flap. Then, just combine the entire thing into a flap book.

How have you used flip books? We'd love to hear your ideas!


This is just one idea that was pinned to the BEST Teaching Tips & Tools board on my Pinterest page. This is a awesome board full of TONS of creative ideas pinned by other teachers. Check it out:

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