October 25, 2013

Super Teacher Tip #6: Floor Tape Messages

Use floor tape to leave a reminder or positive message on a student's desk. This Super Teacher Tip was inspired by a comment from my post about using floor tape in your room. (You should totally check that post out- there are a ton of fantastic ideas that have been added by my super awesome readers in the comment section!)

Since floor tape doesn't leave a gunky residue, it's a great option for leaving home made post-it notes on desks. Use a bright color and students are bound to notice it when they first walk in the room. Leave an encouraging note to brighten their day....or use it as a reminder to turn in a certain assignment.

Another option that might work even better due to it's easy 'rip-abilty' (c'mon, that's gotta be a word, right?!) would be painters tape. Easy to rip, easy to get at almost any store, and still doesn't leave residue. Yup, that could be a winner too!

Check out these other great ideas for using floor tape in your classroom.

How do you use floor tape in your room? 

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What's a"Super Teacher?" Any teacher that's trying his or her very best to create effective teaching moments and provide a positive classroom environment.  We Super Teachers aren't perfect teachers by a long-shot, but we are always striving to become better teachers. Read more Super Teacher Tips here!

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  1. Floor tapes are most commonly used to designate work areas, or guide traffic. And that’s true; it doesn’t leave any sticky marks or residue that makes it easy to use as a post it. Using it as a positive teaching tool is a brilliant idea! Creativity really makes a huge and practical difference. Thank you for sharing!

    Lauren Woods @ Adhesive Tapes


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