October 24, 2013

The Amazon Teacher: October 2013

I am blessed to have many wonderful readers who support this site by using our Amazon link before they shop. Since a majority of them are in the teaching profession, I try to highlight a few of the fun classroom gadgets they purchased from Amazon each month. You never know- it might be just the thing you've been looking for in your room!

WARNING: If you buy this book, you will most likely drop whatever you are doing and devour the ideas in it...all afternoon! You will also most likely get absolutely nothing on your to-do list accomplished because you can't stop turning the pages. These tips are so simple, so easy, and so useful! (AND so addictive!)

Awww- I love this book. It's precious (she says with a slight Southern accent). It's a great book to read to address the issue of bullying and making fun of other students.

MONSTER FEET ALERT! This is the first Teacher Recommended Toy that I've seen purchased through my Amazon link and I'm so excited to think that some little someone is going to have a blast stomping around on these this Christmas! I was also relieved to see that this person purchased just one...so he or she will not have a classroom full of yelling, clomping 5 year olds to deal with! :) 

Haven't seen the Teacher Recommended Toy list yet? You've got to check it out! 

How cool would this light be in a low-lit classroom?! I can see the kids sitting excitedly in a circle around it while a teacher tells them a campfire story about Columbus or the Battle of Yorktown. Add a flashlight and a few silly sound effects in and you the making of a super-simple, yet engaging lesson! (Ooo- and don't forget to pass out marshmallows- gotta have the s'mores, people!)

Thanks to all of those who used YTA's Amazon link this month! I am humbled that you took the time to help me out and greatly appreciate each and every click!

Interested in using Amazon Associates to make money for your school or organization? Check out this post I wrote explaining how to do just that.

Amazon is currently offering a free 30-day Prime Membership Trial. Try it out to get free, 2 day shipping on many of their items. I've had Prime for a few years now and L.O.V.E. it...it makes the super cheap deals I find even sweeter! It's especially wonderful around Christmas...shopping in your PJs is my kinda thing!

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