November 25, 2013

Before & After: Adding Color Without Painting

I love love LOVE seeing before and after pictures. And without an exception, every time I see one, I have this thought:

"Oh, I could SO do that too!"

Yeah...we all know how that turns out. But that won't stop me from enjoying some great classroom makeover pictures and sharing them with you!

Yolanda Morris runs a youth program in the Chicago area that serves over 150 kids. The folks over at Land of Nod heard about her program and her passion for youth in her neighborhood and decided to help her out with a little classroom makeover.


I love how they took a completely blah room and gave it a bright and cheerful look....without having to change the wall color. Most of us are in the same boat with our classroom. We can't paint the walls, but we can take a few tips for the Land of Nod folks and insert color in a few fun ways:
  • a collection of bright area rugs
  • solid colored seating options
  • simple paper garland strung across the ceiling (check out this tutorial to learn how to make your own)
  • Large, graphic posters on the wall.

Do you have any good ideas for adding color to your classroom when you can't paint the walls or furniture?

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