November 19, 2013

Voice Recording Buttons For Centers

So I was perusing my BEST Teaching Tips & Tools board on my Pinterest page the other day and ran across something that I thought would have been just perfect for center work in my classroom:  

You can record anything you want on each one and the students simply push the button to play back the recording. Here are some fun ways I thought they could be useful in your room:
  • Record the instructions for each center on a disk. Students push the button to hear the directions if they forget what to do at that center.
  • If you could record the spelling words for the week on one disk. When a student finishes their work early, they could take a practice spelling test on their own. You could also use this idea to allow absent students to take a make-up spelling test in the corner of the room while you do your large group work with the rest of the class. 
How would you use these buttons in your room? If you've used them before, let us know what you think about them! 

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