December 11, 2013

Christmas Party Ideas: Picture Books

Has the Christmas Ants visited your room yet? You know, the ones that make your kids wiggly and completely unable to focus on anything that isn't red, green, or glittery? ;) 

Don't worry- your break is almost here! BUT before it comes, we've got to plan The Best Christmas Party Ever. Or as my 3 year old would say: "Da Best Cwist-miss Pawty Eh-VUH". 

We've already brainstormed some great party games and a few fun crafts

This week, we're gathering the kids together on the carpet, passing out a few candy canes, and cracking open the pages of a Christmas picture book. 

Bonus Idea: Go to the library and take out a bunch of Christmas picture books. Wrap each one and place in a spot in your room. Allow your class to pick one book out, unwrap it, and use that as your read-aloud for the day. Just wrapping the book adds a whole new layer of suspense that will engage your kids. We do this at our house every year and the kids love it!


Here are a few of my favorite Christmas read-aloud books: 

If You Take a Mouse to the MoviesOur favorite little mouse is back with a holiday-version of his adventures.

The Polar Express: This classic should be a staple in everyone's classroom. Follow up the book by a special pajama-clad showing of the movie.

How the Grinch Stole ChristmasAnother classic Christmas book that was also turned into a movie (both a cartoon and a real life version)

Annika's Secret WishA lovely story with a sweet and meaningful message.

Bear Stays Up For Christmas: Bear's friends try to help him stay awake until Christmas. In the end, he has a special gift for each of them.

The Gift of the Magi: I love this book! The story is about a poor couple who both decide separately to sell their favorite possession in order to get the other person a Christmas present. 

What are some good Christmas picture books that you read in your room?

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