December 19, 2013

Meet My December Sponsors

My sponsors and affiliates are a big part of why I am able to keep this blog up and running and I am super grateful for their support. Each month, I like to take just a moment to highlight each one and give em a big 'ole shout out. Ready? Here is it.....


Check each one out to find some fun goodies that just might be perfect for your home or classroom.

Morgan from Learned It the Hard Way manages to take the simple, everyday moments of her life and tell them in a way that will leave you rollin' on the floor!

Some of my favorite posts:

  • ReWallet means recycled wallet and all of them are cute, original, funky, recycled (of course) and one of a kind.
  • ReWallets are ideal for those who really believe in recycling and keep our world green and healthy. For those who like to be different and make a difference.
  • Owner: Jo, a portuguese hobbyist artisan crafter.

Some of my favorite designs:

  • BuySellTeach is an online store for the teaching community to BUY, SELL, and TEACH the highest quality educational resources. 
  • Resources available in every subject area for Pre-K through Grade 12.
  • Sign up with a free membership to become a teacher seller and make your high quality resources available to a wider audience of educators.

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