February 12, 2014

Organizing Your Classroom Store

Mrs. Phippen was kind enough to take us on a little tour of her class store on Your Teacher's Aide's Pinterest board: Best Teaching Tips and Tools. (Feel free to check this board out- these teachers are sharing some fan.TAB.ulous ideas!)

She uses a behind-the-door shoe organizer to easily display all the items the kids can earn, along with the point/dollar value. Being out in the open and having clear pockets allows the kids to see it every day- this is a great reminder and motivator to keep trying to earn their class rewards!  

Not really interested in giving away candy or gizmos? Check out this list of free and easy rewards that will help encourage positive behavior in your room.


This is just one idea that was pinned to the BEST Teaching Tips & Tools board on my Pinterest page. This is a awesome board full of TONS of creative ideas pinned by other teachers. Check it out:

Wanna join the board?

Do you sell your own teacher-created products? Have a teaching blog? Just love sharing interesting teaching pins with other teachers? Then this board is for you! It's easy- just follow these simple directions.

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