May 25, 2014

Fun Classroom Party Game: Plastic Candy Ball

Shauna at Seminary At 6 AM shared a fun game that would be perfect for any class party or end-of-year celebration. 

She took one small peice of candy and wrapped it in plastic wrap. After adding a few more sheets of plastic wrap to the ball, she put another piece of candy on it. She repeated this until she had more than 70 small candies wrapped up into one huge ball.

Then came the fun part!

The students sat in a circle and took turns taking off sheets of plastic wrap as fast as they could. The person right after them rolled the dice until they got a double, which meant that the ball was passed to them. If they unwrapped a piece of candy, they got to keep it!

A few tips: They used heavy duty plastic wrap {like this kind} since the regular Saran Wrap is too thin. Also, if you have younger kids, you could skip the dice rolling part and just have each kid take off one sheet of plastic before passing it to the next person.

Visit Shauna's site to see detailed instructions and more pictures.

What are some fun games you've used for classroom parties?

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