June 11, 2014

Display Student Family Photos

I ran across this idea on Pinterest yesterday and absolutely LOVED it. It's just so simple...and yet a great way to personalize your room.

This idea came from Prepare To Play. The owner of that blog asks each student to bring in a framed family photo at the beginning of the year and then displays them on a shelf in their classroom:


Why I love this idea:
  • It instantly gives your kids ownership of their new room.
  • For younger kids, having their family photo close by could be a source of comfort as they transition to a new classroom.
  • It's a great conversation starter with kids and with parents.
  • It would give you a way to remember which parent went with which kid. This would be especially helpful to me....the inside joke among my friends is "What was that guy's name again...oh wait, don't ask Kaitlin, she won't have a clue!" Ha.... Ha.... Ha. (But oh so true!!)

How do you personalize your classroom? 

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