August 9, 2014

DIY Seat Sacks

So, you all know all about my Pinterest obsession, right? Well apparently, I'm not the only one :)  It seems that teachers are blowing up their boards this month getting read for the school year to start and they've been pinning some really creative ideas. Here's one I saw this week:


Amy shared this idea at Confessions of a Nerdy Teacher. She got aprons from her local home improvement shop (though you could use something like this or this too) and turned them into book organizers for her desks.

Why I love this idea:
  • It's a cheap way to create the more expensive Seat Sacks.
  • You can do what one teacher did and cut the seam out of the middle. Then you could fit folders instead of just small books.
  • It uses space that is normally unused. Check and check.
What are your tips for organizing student materials in your room?

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