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Hi! I'm Kaitlin and I'm excited to offer many different options for advertising your content in my little corner of BlogLand. 

I love to promote any product, blog or resource that will benefit my readers. Your Teacher's Aide focuses on producing high quality content that assists other teachers in creating successful classrooms. YTA has experienced rapid growth thanks to our super awesome readers and the new ones who discover us every day, so your business will get good exposure here! If you feel your content would be a good fit for this site, I'd love to partner with you!

In addition to the exposure you will receive from having your ad appear on every page view, all sponsors and affiliates will be featured in a monthly post (which will be posted to Facebook and Twitter).
Some facts you may find helpful:

Average Monthly Visits (May-August): 38,307 (85% unique visitors)
Since this is a teaching blog, I generally see the highest traffic during the summer months.

Average Monthly Visits (September-April): 19,328 (85% unique visitors)

Pinterest Reach: 105,900+ 
I pin each post to ten collaborative education boards that have a combined following of over 103,000 teachers. 

Facebook Followers: 3000+

Twitter Followers: 1120+


Are my readers the right fit for your content? The majority are female, between the ages of 25 and 54. This information was taken from our insights page on Facebook.

Last Updated:

The data on this page was last updated May 1, 2014

Let's Get Started!

Advertising with YTA is easy-peasy! I use a simple online system, Passionfruit Ads, for your ad. It will be displayed immediately once you pay securely online. Look over the different ad sizes below and click the red 'Buy Now' button to purchase a spot. You will be asked to upload your image and a link.

If spaces are filled- no worries! Just go ahead and reserve a spot and your ad will automatically be displayed when the space is available.
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