February 22, 2013

Free St. Patrick's Day Resources

Top 'o the morning to ya! It's Friday and I've got another fun freebie for you! (Don't you just adore free stuff?)

This one is in honor of St. Patrick's Day and includes a sufficient amount of green things. 

(Was it just me, or did anyone else stress out about wearing green on Saint Patty's day when they were younger...you know, to avoid the pinching and all? ......Just me? M'kay. Moving right along.) 

Chad and Marybeth from Nothing But Country have a great little treat bag topper that you could use for student gifts. They used Rolos ('pot of gold') and Skittles ('end of the rainbow'):

Jill from Blessed Beyond a Doubt created some cute writing prompts:

Along the same lines, Nora over at Kindergarten Superkids made these writing prompt cards:

Crayola has a silly activity that would be sure to make your kiddos giggle (or at least, THIS big kiddo did!):

Looking for a St. Patty's packet for your preschool or Kindergarten class? Check out this one.

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