June 13, 2013

Making Summer Goals

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Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

A major perk of being a teacher is the schedule. Getting an extended break in the summer can be a huge bonus for a busy teacher who is also juggling the roles of mom/wife/daughter/sister. It's the perfect opportunity to get caught up or even to get ahead of the game.

Here's how my summer usually played out in my mind:


Hallelujah! Summer's here!

I'm am going to get so much done this summer. Not like last summer- nope, this year it's on like Donkey Kong!

Yup, I'm going to be the most organized person you've ever met and get soooo much done....um, starting tomorrow. After all, I've earned a little break. I'm going to relax and read just. one. book. Then I will be super-productive ...starting tomorrow.

Wow, that was a great book. And whaddya know? It was the first book in a 8 book series! Great!

Wow, that was a great series. Just the way to end July. 

Wait?! What?! It's JULY? As in practically-time-to-start-stressing-out-about-school-JULY?!

Oh my gosh. I've GOT to get movin' on my to-do list. The kid's clothes need to be sorted, the flower bed needs to be weeded, not to mention that I haven't even THOUGHT about organizing the random pile of crap guest room! 

This is too much to think about! I need to go take a nap. Yup, I'll need a good nap so I'll be refreshed and ready to dig into my list tomorrow. 

Yeah, that's it: I'll think about it tomorrow.

Please tell me I'm not the only one that went through that every. single. summer? No? Oh good!

I don't know about you, but I accomplish more when I see a list of things I need to do. There's something about being able to actually cross something off a list that makes me that much more motivated to get things done. (And yes, I have been known to write something down on a list that I already completed just so I can cross it off. Sad, but true.)

So, for all you fellow procrastinators, it's time to put down the umbrella drink and grab a pen. We're going to get some summer goals on paper once and for all! I can't guarentee they'll get done (hey- that one's in your hands!), but it's a start.

Here's are some categories you might want to include on your Summer Goal list:

Cleaning: Shudder. Not a huge fan of this one, but it's a necessary evil. Think of a few things that need to be on a yearly or semi-yearly basis. Add those to your list. (Ex: clean behind the stove or refrigerator, change the ac filters, get carpets cleaned, etc.)

Organizing: Now this one is more up my alley. I'm not known for being the cleanest person, but I tend to lean towards having my things organized (our dvds might be covered in dust, but hey- they're alphabetized!) ;) What needs a little extra straightening up in your house? A closet, drawer, or box in the basement? A room? A better system for planning meals or keeping track of your family's activities? Add those!

Family: Now we're getting into the fun stuff! Creating fun families memories should be a priority this summer. Brainstorm a few small (or big) actitivites you want to try to include this summer. Family vacations? Trips to the library? A backyard sprinkler afternoon? Check out some fun, budget friendly ideas from Inner Child Fun.

Marriage/Relationship: Now's the time to focus on that special someone. Think of a few ways you could show him or her that they mean the world to you. The Dating Divas is a favorite site of mine that gives a variety of creative ways to spread the love- check them out!

School: I couldn't very well leave this one out, now could I? Brainstorm a list of things that you could do this summer that will make your school year run a little smoother. It could include things like freezer cooking for easy school-night dinners or planning out the curriculum for the entire year. Need a idea of where to start? Check out our Summer Challenge Series.

The Next Step

Take your whole list and organize it in order of importance. Put the higher priority ones at the beginning of your list and the lower priority ones towards the end. Aim to get all of them done, but expect to let a few fall through the cracks. After all, it's summer!

I hope you all have an enjoyable- and productive summer!

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