August 17, 2013

1000 Likes and a GIVEAWAY!

Hey teach-peeps, I have a little 'ole announcement to make:

Remember when I told you a few months ago how I was super-nervous to start a Facebook page and Twitter account? ...'Cuz I wasn't sure if anyone would 'like' me or if it would be like reliving my middle school gym class all over again? 

Well guess what? Some of you super-duper readers out in blog-land do like me (or at least, you like Your Teacher's Aide) and I couldn't be more excited! It was just a happy little coincidence that I happened to check YTA's Facebook page at the moment that there were exactly 1,000 likes. And of course the first thing I did was squeal and yell for my husband (who thought something was terribly wrong and was just *slightly* annoyed when he realized it was just Facebook-induced hysteria) and convinced him take a screen shot for me.


I'd like to just say a big 'ole THANK YOU to YTA's readers. You guys are awesome and I appreciate each and every 'like' you threw my way. :)

To celebrate this little moment in the history of my blog and to show my appreciation for your help, I'm giving away a bundle of my best back-to-school products from my Teacher's Pay Teacher's Store.

Here are the products included in this giveaway bundle (a $38 dollar value!):




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  1. I always used to use scotch tape or packing tape to place the children's desk plates on their tables but not anymore. I hot glue gun them down.
    It's so much easier to remove. I hated picking at the tape or even worse the children picking at the tape.

  2. I used to frequently use my spinner for choosing team numbers to respond or who does what at each table. I have now solved the problem by placing a magnetic strip on the back of 2 spinners. One is attached to the whiteboard and another is on a file cabinet. They are in opposite sides of the room to make them easier to access.

  3. Submitted by Charlene Allsbury: "Use a numbered pocket chart for exit slips. Easy way to see which students have or have not responded."

  4. Submitted By Stephanie Rosch: Use to stay organized.

  5. Submitted by Paige Thornburg: "Always let the students know you care."

  6. Submitted by Lesa Scammell: "I use Remind 101 ( to remind my students about upcoming projects, homework, permissions slips due, etc. It's great, and parents love it too!"

  7. Submitted by Megan Patrick: "Definitely smile before Christmas. Be firm, but ignore that old wives' tale and LOVE your job and your kids."


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