August 3, 2013

First Day Of School Activities: The Teacher Test

One of the best parts about our job is that 'fresh start' feeling that always comes with the beginning of a new school year. Regardless of how we ended the previous year, this is our opportunity to set a positive tone in our rooms. During the series, I will be sharing a few fun ideas to make the first day of school a success! Be sure to subscribe to my feed so you don't miss any of them!

The Teacher Test Game:

It's time to let your students learn a little bit about their new teacher...and play a fun game at the same time!

Here's how to play The Teacher Test
  • Start by marking off a line down the middle of your room with a rope or floor tape. (Here's some more ideas on how to use floor tape. Trust me, this stuff is a-MAH-zing!). On one side of the line, place a paper that says TRUE and on the other side, a paper that says FALSE.
  • Have your students all stand on the line, then yell out a fact about yourself. (Ex: I've been to Germany)
  • Students must decide if they think that fact is TRUE or FALSE and move to that side of the room. 
  • Explain if that is a real fact or not, then give each student on the correct side of the room some small token (could be a paper clip, a BINGO chip, a small square of paper, etc.)
  • Continue asking questions until you've reached the end of your game. Just go as long as your schedule allows.
  • The student with the most tokens (correct answers) wins some sort of reward. You could do something as simple as a skittle or you may want to check out this list of free and easy reward ideas.
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What's your favorite first day of school activity?


  1. The game sounds fun but for a reward I would allow the kid with the most tokens do the next days or later that day true or false and that way you can get to know your students better. Maybe give each student time to think up 2 true statements and 2 false statements. Then keep there sentences handy and you can keep the game going for the first week or two of school.

  2. This is a great game! Homework pass would be a great idea for a prize for the winner.

  3. Submitted by Jessica Frink: "Give a welcome bag on the first day and this becomes their me bag."


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