August 13, 2013

First Day of School Activities: Monster Adjectives!

One of the best parts about our job is that 'fresh start' feeling that always comes with the beginning of a new school year. Regardless of how we ended the previous year, this is our opportunity to set a positive tone in our rooms. During the series, I will be sharing a few fun ideas to make the first day of school a success! Be sure to subscribe to my feed so you don't miss any of them!

Monster Adjectives
Here's a cute idea for teaching adjectives and creating an Open House display all at once! 

Here's how to do your Monster Adjectives:
  • Give students a blank piece of paper and let them draw and color a monster that they've created. Let their creativity take over! Have the student's name their monsters and write that name under the picture. Write the students name on the BACK of the paper.
  • As an adjective review, have students make a list of adjectives that describes their monster (blue, fuzzy, scary, silly, sharp, etc).
  • Using their adjective sheet, have students write a description of their monster. Explain that a good description should make the reader picture the same thing in their head as the writer has in their head. Do not actually use the monster's name in the description. Write the student's name on the front of this page.
  • For an in-class activity: Mix up the pictures and place them on the board. Read each description one-at-a-time and have the class guess which monster it is describing.
  • For Open House: Place each monster picture on the owner's desk, covered up the name tag. Place the descriptions on the board. When a student and his or her parents arrive, have them take their description and try to match it to the correct desk. BONUS: You will know at a glance who has arrived and who hasn't based on which descriptions are still left on the board. 
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What's your favorite first day of school activity?

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